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SunShine Softwares is one of the well known Software Testing Institutes in Jaipur. The software testing courses provided by us are designed with the view of the ever growing requirements of the software market. Our software courses are career focused and have got a huge demand in present professional scenario. We have gained specialization in providing Software Testing Training in Jaipur. Our software training course covers QA services and is too wide to cover all the theoretical & practical exposure in a single course. With the help of our experienced testing professionals, these programs are taught to the students. In a short span of time, we have gained tremendous growth in the target of leveraging professional careers of students by bridging the gap between Academics to Industry. The Software Testing Experts working with us have years of years in this teaching industry & will share their knowledge, skills and experience with you. Our renowned Software Testing Institute in Jaipur gives 100% Job Guarantee to the students on the offered software courses.


Software Testing Course Details


Application Web Testing

Introduction :

This training course provides a comprehensive overview of methods, techniques and tools that can be applied to testing of e business systems. In addition the course will focus on management and team skills that ensure that testing is conducted effectively and efficiently. The course is focused on practical approaches to testing, based on the experience of the presenters? skills in consulting and test outsourcing, as well as adopting leading trends and ideas emerging from Europe and the USA . During the course extensive case studies and real world experiences will be presented.


Intended Audience :

This course addresses e business issues of concern to project, development and testing managers as well as testing practitioners. Managers will learn new approaches for identifying and managing risks, preparing test strategies and identify test activities, and for planning and monitoring the testing process. Test practitioners will learn new techniques and tools for conducting e business tests.


Course Objectives :

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

• Develop a strategy and plans for testing e business applications.
• Define comprehensive and cost effective tests to dig out bugs in your systems
• Identify bugs and ensure that bugs are being resolved appropriately
• Utilise automated test tools to reduce costs involved in testing
• Manage your testing activities and test team

Course outline

• Web Application Testing Foundation
• How Web Application Testing is Different from Traditional Testing
• INTERNET/Networking Basics for Testers
• Basic Types of Tests and What to Look For
• Browser Basics and How to test within the browser
• Discuss installation testing
• Discuss configuration and compatibility testing
• Discuss what to look for in functionality and UI testing

Manual Testing Concepts


This module would serve as Stepping stone for students in the Testing. This will take participants through the understanding of job of a software tester and what awaits them when they work in company as Test Engineer. The course content covered are

• Basic Testing Concepts
• System Development Models and their Need
• Software Testing Types
• Software Testing Phases
• Software Test Documentation
• Test Design Specification
• White Box Test Design
• Black Box Test Design
• Testing Techniques and Methodologies
• Bug Report and Defect Process
• Client Server Testing
• Security Testing
• Software Test Management

Test Driven Development

Intended Audience:

Testers who are new to Scrum and Agile Methodology

Course Outline:

Agile Introduction
Classification of Methods
Extreme Programming Method
Introduction to Scrum
Introduction To RUP
Introduction to Agile Testing
Principles of Agile Testing
Agile Tester and their Role
Agile Test Plan
Agile Test Strategy
Agile Black Box Testing
Agile – Gray Box testing
Introduction Test Driven Development
Applicability Of TDD
Scrum an Agile Method
Scrum Primer
Scrum Life Cycle
Scrum Team and Roles
Case Study

Testing SOA based Applications

Course Outline:

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) overview

• SOA Basics
• SOA Definition
• What is a service
• Service Distribution
• Service Data
• Service Behavior
• Service Integrity
• SOA Architectures Overview
• SOA Testing Overview
• Difference between the Traditional and SOA Testing
• SOA Testing approaches
• SOA Web service Testing
• SOA Security Testing
• SOA Performance Testing
• Define SLA Requirements
• SOA Tools in market
• Example –SoapUI
• Business Case Study
• Creating a SOA Test Plan
• Understanding the Needs
• Considering Service Performance
• Assignments and Evaluation
• Feedback / Discussion

Testing Databases

Course objective:

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

• Develop a strategy and plans for testing e Database
• Develop test cases for testing –Database
• Identify bugs and ensure that bugs are being resolved appropriately

Intended Audience:

The course is intended for beginners or intermediate testers, leads who need to develop or improve Database Testing skills.



• Know of Database Concepts
• Know of SQL

Course Outline: What is database

• Why we require database Testing
• Common Defects
• Entity Integrity
• Domain Integrity
• Referential integrity
• Security of Database
• Select Queries
• Update Queries
• Delete Queries
• Joins
• Practice on executing above queries
• Types of Database Testing
• Database Test Plan
• Testing Tables
• Testing Procedures
• Testing Triggers
• Testing Views
• Testing Tables Spaces
• Testing Indexes
• Testing Synonyms
• Testing Referential Integrity

Project Trainings